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Waterworks exhibition opens at the Facultad de Arquitectura (UNAM), Mexico

09 May 2012

The exhibition WATERWORKS, which was first shown in March in the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) opened today its second presentation at the FACULTAD DE ARQUITECTURA (UNAM) in Mexico. The exhibition is part of the water project "Vivir con Agua. Mexico y Holanda compartment endo experiencias', organized by the Dutch Embassy in Mexico City. The purpose of the water project is to increase the co-operation between the Netherlands and Mexico's public and private sectors in the field of water.

The exhibition includes a selection of the most inspiring Dutch architecture and urban projects that reflect a new approach towards water management. In the selection of projects are also included KCAP's masterplan San Sebastian and Wijnhaveneiland / The Red Apple Rotterdam.

From May 16th until June 6th on it will be shown at the Universitario de Ciencias y Arte (MUCA).