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KCAP at Urban Week 2014 St. Petersburg

14 November 2014

On November 17th, KCAP associates Masha Pidodnia and Jeroen Dirckx participate as speakers in the Urban Week 2014 in St. Petersburg.
* Masha Pidodnia in the discussion “Housing and accommodation: identifying demand for high-quality living environment”

* Jeroen Dirckx in the discussion “Life on water. Floating development” with as subject “Investment attractive projects on water. How to balance residential, commercial and public functions”.

Urban Week St. Petersburg presents a series of events on St. Petersburg urban planning and development. It is the venue where international urbanists, architects, citizens, authorities and business experts get together to share experience in the sphere of urban planning and design. Developers will present their proposals contributing to Strategy 2030. It runs from November 17 - 23.

Click here for the official website.