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Kees Christiaanse at Bauwelt Kongress 12-13 November: Zukunft Energiewende

10 November 2015

On November 12th starts the 2-day Bauwelt congress 2015 'Energiewende' (energy turn/transformation) with as main question: how radically will architecture and urban planning have to change?

The congres links to the next World Climate Summit COP21 in Paris in December and aims to link architecture and urban planning with the future of Energiewende. 'Too often it is only about the production, storage and distribution of energy. But a radical change of architecture and urban planning is necessary, a change that exceeds beyond the partially trivial possibilities of energetic upgrades of buildings.'

Kees Christiaanse is one of the international speakers at the congres. He argues from the parallel perspective of an architect and urban planner and defines the city as a regenerative cycle: from the house to the urban structure and back. The importance of these interfaces between architecture and urbanism gain in his view too little attention in the planning of the Energiewende. A technology which is alligned with energy efficiency is an engine of change, especially in the question of CO2 reduction. But it will only work, if it relates to the behavior of the residents. This is where urban design, which is part of social interactions, gets a crucial role. Kees will explain his integrative approach with current examples from Europe and Far East. He will also show how parameters of sustainable urban planning have changed in the last 20 years.

Click here for the conference website.